About Us

As 15+ years of veterans in the industry offering world-class training in the most trending technologies, we have garnered worldwide recognition and acclamation from our student alumni, named companies, and peers.

Based in Alpharetta, GA, USA, we offer onsite and online classes comparable to the prominent educational institutes in the USA. With a simple and straightforward goal to provide the best of the class training to our learners, we venture to deliver what we believe.

We essentially put ourselves in our customers’ shoes who enroll in our programs with the passion to make a mark in the industry. We strive to deliver training from their stand-point by providing hands-on training in the technologies and encouraging them to work on real-time scenarios, providing them with assignments and exercises.

Our cloud-test lab is made available 24×7 to our learners to maximize the practice time after each session. We assign group projects to enhance their team player skills. Through end-of-the-course real-time projects, we ensure that each of our learners is hands-on in terms of knowledge and application of the concepts.

As an attempt to display fairness in all our dealings, we offer a free demo session to all our registered candidates to enable them to make a well-informed decision.

With all our above endeavors, we rest our case!

The initiation!

While others had a meager beginning, we started with a bang. Our journey began with our five-star Quality Assurance training, which helped thousands of individuals in getting a break as an IT professional despite a non-IT background.

At QA Training in Texas, much sooner than later, we realized that numerous aspirants hope to be a part of the IT industry. As we comprehend that offering regular training in the in-demand software technologies might not present them with job placement, we have pioneered the process of offering 100% job placement assistance.

We were one of the frontrunners back in 2005 when it all started to offer the resume-building exercises as it is crucial and the first step for a candidate to getting considered. Next, we focused on the mock-interview sessions handled by hiring managers for our learners as coming from a non-IT background or for absolute beginners, they can give them an edge over their peers with sufficient grasp of the process.

Our trainers mentor our learners by grooming them for the interviews and building their confidence levels by providing them with interview questions for practice and molding them as an ideal candidate for the job.

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