Though artificial intelligence is transforming the way companies work, questions about AI ethics have started to surface everywhere. AI ethics is not simply an academic or societal worry; it is also a reputational risk for businesses. So, companies don’t want to be associated with data or AI ethics controversies that have an impact on society.

For example, there was a considerable backlash in response to selling AI tools for law enforcement. This was followed by a decision to halt offering this technology to law enforcement for a year.

This article explains how companies navigate the complexities involved in AI ethics, so continue reading. Also, if you are interested in starting your career in AI, join an online course for artificial intelligence to land a high-paying job.

How to navigate concerns of AI ethics

These are difficult concerns, and novel and contentious solutions, such as universal basic income, may be required to address them. There are several programs and organizations aiming at mitigating the potential negative impact of AI. Some engineering schools and universities around the world, for example, conduct AI research in areas such as mobility, employment, healthcare, and sustainability.

The following are some excellent practices for navigating these ethical concerns of AI:


AI developers have an ethical obligation to be honest in a structured and accessible manner. This is because AI technology can accidentally break laws and negatively affect the human experience.

Knowledge sharing can help make AI more accessible and transparent; some initiatives are:

  • A group of individuals founded a non-profit AI research organization to improve open-source AI for the benefit of humanity.
  • With the goal of increasing AI adoption, a well-known technology business created a tool that is a widely used open-source machine learning library.
  • AI researchers established frameworks to create an open-source network of AI developers.
  • Major technology businesses maintain AI-specific blogs to share their AI knowledge with the rest of the world.

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To solve the ethical difficulties that arise with wrong forecasts, AI developers and companies must explain how their algorithms arrive at their predictions. Various technological techniques can explain how these algorithms arrive at these findings and what factors influence the outcome. Explainable AI is the most common sort of AI that people prefer to use in their daily lives.

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AI research is typically conducted by male researchers in developed countries. This contributes to the biases in AI models. The growing diversity of the AI community is critical to enhancing model quality and decreasing prejudice.

There are several programs backed by various institutions to improve diversity in the AI community, but their influence has been limited so far.

This can help in the resolution of issues such as unemployment and prejudice that might be caused by automatic decision-making systems.


Numerous governments, organizations, and universities are developing AI systems, yet in most cases, there is no legal framework in place to address the most recent breakthroughs in AI. Modernizing legal frameworks at both the national and international levels will help to define the way to ethical AI development. Pioneering companies should lead these initiatives to bring clarity to their industry.

AI ethics frameworks

Academics are also developing frameworks to accomplish ethical AI in enterprises. The hourglass model shown is an example of how companies, AI systems, and the environment interact. It also includes a lengthy task list for anyone looking for a more structured approach to AI ethics.

Final thoughts

AI has started to mark its footprint in all industries, and the demand for AI professionals is also on the rise. So, if you are looking for a lucrative career in AI, complete an Artificial intelligence course online and land a job that offers a high salary and personal growth.

By John

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