Top Career Options for Experienced Java Developer

Choosing java as a career is considered the best decision as it has many opportunities for you. Because now java is everywhere in the world and the need and demand for java in programming is increasing rapidly. In short, java acts as a backbone for the internet revolution and from simple Android applications to big enterprise software, java is essential. For most business-related applications, the programmers suggest java as best. In this post, you will look at some of the top career opportunities for experienced java developers. 

Top career opportunities

Generally, people with java skills have many career opportunities and when you have some experience in java, there are several opportunities waiting for and those are listed below. 

  • Scrum master: 

If you are working in an IT sector then you must hear about the agile environment and scrum meetings there. Many companies set this scrum meeting for the development of the company and this meeting was led by the scrum master in the agile environment. If you are having enough experience in project management and have coordination skills, then you are eligible to become a scrum master. It is an easily available opportunity for many java developers as many companies are installing the new agile environment and looking for the best scrum master. It is equal to the project manager or business analyst.  

  • DevOps engineer:

There is no official career path for becoming a DevOps engineer and this found a way for another opportunity to be an experienced java developer. Those who have the capacity for writing and scripting the coding and those having an interest in the development and network operations can become a DevOps engineer with a decent salary. You can update yourself when you learn java online free and that will help you with promotions. For becoming a DevOps engineer along with java experience the passion in many things like automation, management, etc are needed. 

  • Solution architect: 

When there is an organization running successfully, then there must be some problems faced by that organization and surely they would have the solution department. In one of the parts of that solution department, the solution architect also works. Both the technical and business skills are required with balance for a solution architect and if you are having that skill along with java experience can become a solution architect. The best online java course helps you to attain more knowledge in java and helps you to understand some fundamentals for designing patterns.  

  • Project manager:

The most well-known career opportunity for the experienced java developer is project manager. It is not easy to be project management as the person needs to manage the day-to-day activity of the project. But it is the best job for java developers with an awesome salary but the candidate requires some skills like problem-solving, risk management, and finance management. When you are new to project management, getting control over the project is a tough task. People with experience in Java can also become business analysts.

Bottom line: 

Finally, the jobs mentioned above are some of the career opportunities for experienced java developers. If you are not interested in the management path, then look into the coding and there are several opportunities for you.

By John

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