7 Reasons to learn python7 Reasons to learn python

It is a high-level programming language that is recently being popular worldwide due to its use in data science. Python finds applications in all the places like data science, big data, app development, machine learning, artificial technology etc. There are online platforms available where you can learn and practice them. You can learn python online to get practised. Python is a very easy language to read, write and learn that is extremely scalable.

Python is very easy to learn

Python is an excellent choice to learn for beginners because of its innate simplicity. It is a beginner-friendly language, and it contains very simple syntax. The learning curve of python is very simple compared to the other languages like Java, C, C++ etc. Since it doesn’t have a documentation part, it is widely used in both data science and development fields for web development, data analysis, statistical analysis, text processing etc. There is plenty of python online course available, and you can utilize those platforms to gain more knowledge.

It is highly flexible and extensible

Python is a highly scalable and extensible language because it allows the user to perform the cross-language operation without any hassle. Users can integrate it with .NET and Java components. Almost all the platforms support python like windows, Linux, Solaris etc.

It makes web development easier

Python makes the web development process much easier because it comes with a wide variety of web development frameworks like Flask, Pyramid, Django, Hug, Falcon, Sanic, TurboGears, Bottle, FastAPI etc. These frameworks help the developers write a stable code in a few minutes, and they can also automate the implementation of the common solution, thereby reducing the development time.

Data visualization

Python packs in many options for data visualization. The popular Python data visualization tools are Ploty, Matpolotlib, Altair, Bokeh, Pygal, Geoplotlib and Seaborn. With the help of these data visualization frameworks, it is very easy to make sense of complex datasets. 

Python carries numerous testing frameworks

Python is the best way for testing or validating ideas or products. The built-in testing frameworks present in python helps in the process of debugging and speeding up the workflows. With the frameworks like PyTest and Robot, it supports both cross-browser and cross-platform testing.

Best for Enterprise Application Integrations (EAI)

It is the best choice for enterprise application integrations. The text processing and integration capabilities of the python language are highly commendable. Pythons are also used in developing desktop and GUI applications. 

Great language for scripting

Python is not only used for programming. It is also used for scripting. The scripting language doesn’t require any compilation. They are directly interpreted. In python, you can directly execute the code in the scripting form where the machine will read and interpret the code, and also, it performs error checking during runtime.

Bottom line

Once you read this article, you obviously will be very curious to learn python. But you are worried about where to start? You can take python training online, where you can able to practice and learn more about python in deep.

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