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A Quality assurance person will establish and maintain a specific standard of excellence during the production and distribution of products or services. In this process, the people will ensure whether the product and services are reliable and fit for purpose. Every quality assurance person needs to undergo qa training to have a better understanding of the process. If you need to work in the quality assurance field, then you can take quality assurance training online. There are many platforms that offer you the best training. The important quality assurance skills that you need to know are listed below.

Asking the right questions

Quality assurance people need to know how and when to ask the perfect questions about a project. Some example questions include

  • How is the application going to use it?
  • Who are the end-users?
  • What are the peak usage times? 
  • What are the common hardware, browser, or OS configurations?

The skill of asking direct and common sense questions is very important for a quality assurance person. 

The art of listening

The art of listening skills is very important for a quality assurance person to gain crucial QA information. Only by listening to an engineer’s design and development plan, a quality assurance person is able to detect defects and discover areas that may be high risk. Good communication is also important for the entire process. 


Every department has various demands put upon it, and those pressures can become unrealistic. Quality assurance often takes the hit for product delays and slow turnaround. The skill of being self-confident is very important to handle all the pressure and to produce the product as per the customer requirement. 

Time management

A quality assurance person needs to have organizational and planning skills to meet realistic deadlines consistently. Having time management skills to keep on top of projects is important for keeping the project team moving. To deliver a product or service on time for the users, a quality assurance person needs to have good time management skills.

Be flexible

A quality assurance person needs to think like the end-user to offer the best product for the customers. Quality assurance people need to be flexible and capable enough to work in all kinds of the path. The skill of flexibility makes the quality assurance person to produce an effective outcome. 

Wrapping up

The other important skills for quality assurance are team playing, bug tracking, out of box thinking, etc. If you are aiming to work in the quality assurance field, you can take an online qa training where you will find the opportunities to develop all these skills. There are many benefits to undergoing quality assurance training.  

By John

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