The main work of quality assurance is to plan and implement the systematic activities within the quality system that can be demonstrated to assure confidence that a particular product or service will full fill the customer’s requirement. Quality assurance training is the formal education that helps the employees to understand better about the quality assurance activities like defining processes, executing a quality audit, and developing tools like process standards and checklists. Check down this article to know more about the process and methodology of quality assurance.

Process of quality assurance

To understand better about quality assurance, you need to look through how it works. Quality assurance specialists will often follow the PDCA cycle to ensure quality. The process of quality assurance is listed below.


The first process in quality assurance is planning. First, a quality assurance technician should set a clear objective to make high-quality end products and need to propose an appropriate process to implement those goals. Other than this, a quality assurance technician needs to predict the possibilities of problems that can arise during the development phase and also the reasons for the specific problems. 


As the name states, this is the implementation phase. That is, employees need to execute the procedures that were discussed and chosen in the previous stage. In this process, changes can be made if required and need to test very often before data are collected to determine how effectively those adjustments work. 


In this stage, the outcome of those modifications will be tested. After testing, the result will be compared with the desired outcomes to conclude similarities and variations between them. This analysis will help to identify whether they meet the expectations. If the modification doesn’t meet the expectation, then the process needs to come back to the first step. 

Act or Adjust

The final stage in the quality assurance process act on what technicians explored and changes apply to the project. This PDCA cycle can be repeated for quality improvement. 

Methods used in quality assurance

quality assurance training

Some important tools and techniques are often used to ensure the quality assurance process works well. Some distinct kinds of QA testing guarantee your application has no bug. They use two methods that are non-functional testing and functional testing. 

Under non-functional testing 

  • Vulnerability testing
  • Compatibility testing
  • Usability testing
  • Performance testing

Under functional testing

  • Unit testing
  • Integration testing
  • System testing
  • Acceptance testing

Bottom line

The quality assurance process is the precondition to ensure every part of the software development works smoothly and whether the product has met its specification in the topmost possible quality. For doing all these processes, you need quality assurance training to do your work flawlessly. 

By John

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