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In a recent trend, Selenium is the most widely used automation testing framework. Do you have any idea what makes Selenium so popular? If not, you will get a clear view here. As you know how automation plays an important role. Business effectiveness depends on automating the frameworks and maintaining high quality software releases. So, it is best to learn a selenium certification course to learn more about the automation concept. The challenge of balancing expenses and managing resources to guarantee that automation frameworks cover all business situations and that the delivered applications are error-free is one that enterprises usually experience. Enterprises may considerably improve the speed and quality of the testing process, deliver a higher return on investment from software projects, and systematically reduce risk by deploying the proper automated testing framework. Below listed are the detailed view of the automation testing framework for web applications with Selenium WebDriver:

Community support and updates

A community supports the Selenium framework, which is open to all users and regularly updated and improved. As a result, the community and other Selenium using developers and testers provide much support.

Standard scripting and team consistency

The framework library design should follow scripting standards for all business components, system connections, data checkpoints, loggers, reporters, etc. The project team must conform to the set scripting standards. Individuals are prevented from adhering to their coding standards because published standards across the project team eliminate the work required for duplicate coding.

Parallel execution using Selenium grid

The parallel execution of the test cases is supported by Selenium Grid, a different Selenium framework version. This greatly reduces execution time and facilitates achieving the testing objectives.

Concise Reporting

If the test findings are challenging to understand, doing a high volume of tests won’t help much in this case. The test run reports must be generated automatically by the framework, and the results must be presented in an easy to understand manner. The reports should be clear regarding the location of application failures and the test data employed. The information must include application images for each stage to show any errors and give detailed reasons for each checkpoint’s success or failure. Additionally, reports must be readily accessible to both the development and QA teams as a whole.

Ease of scripting 

Selenium’s multiple languages capability already relieves the tester of the task of having to learn a new programming language. Aside from this, scripting in the Selenium framework is fairly simple and takes less time only if you have done a selenium certification course. 

Script-less illustration of automated tests

Instead of providing line after line programming, the testing framework should provide a pointand click interface for interacting with the tested application components. Testers should be able to intuitively inspect and change test cases as well as visualize each stage of the business scenario. This way, QA teams can fulfill deadlines, and testers’ learning curves will be stimulated.

Final Thoughts

The framework is the best key that defines the organization’s way of doing things in a single standard. So automation testing in Selenium plays a prominent role in the organization sector. The above-listed things you can consider for the automation testing framework for web applications with Selenium WebDriver.

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