Some of the Lists of Selenium Components Used By the TestersThe selenium accepts all the languages for coding and you can write the script in any language.

Usage of system and coding is getting closer to you and now in every invention, there must be some coding work. The selenium is one of the dominant tools for calculating and controlling the web browser throughout the program. All the browsers have been functioned by the selenium and its mechanism on all main OS. Programmers and testers and developers use this selenium for testing web applications and browsers. In this selenium, there are different components that are used by many testers. In this post, you will look at the components of selenium.

List of components of selenium

The selenium accepts all the languages for coding and you can write the script in any language. There are 4 major components of selenium and they are listed below.

  1. Selenium IDE:

The selenium IDE is used as a prototype testing and it is a major tool in the selenium suite. The selenium Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is an easy component to use as it has a simple framework. This mainly acts as a Firefox plugin and is also implemented as a chrome extension. Its major functions are for recording and allowing editing of the functional tests. In previous days, people mentioned this selenium IDE as a selenium recorder and it was actively maintained from recent years only. In this component, the entire script will be recorded automatically and editing is done manually, and therefore the commands of actions in a browser will move quickly. 

  • Selenium RC: 

The 1st tool of the selenium suite is this selenium RC (remote control) component only and this component helps to make the selenium famous in the market. In the early days, it was based on JavaScript and so people said this as a javascript executor but in recent times, it supports many programming languages like Java, Python, PHP, etc. For understanding, this component learns the selenium online certification course free. Most of the vendors for browsing use this selenium RC and it has a remote controlling sensor which is very convenient for the programmers. 

  • Selenium web Driver:

Even though the RC is a good component still there are some limitations and so the next component was developed. The most significant tool of the selenium suite is the selenium web driver and the selenium full courses cover all the features, pieces of training, and components of the selenium which can help you to attain more knowledge about selenium. One of the major advantages of selenium web drivers is that requirement for the manual process is not needed. It is also easy to integrate with frameworks in testing and also use the native operating system level functionality wherever possible.  

  • Selenium GRID: 

The final component in the selenium suite is selenium GRID which is used for either parallel testing or distributive testing. It has the capacity of allowing different machines’ scripts at the same time. One server with a selenium grid can act as the hub and browser instances will be obtained. spreading loads of testing in numerous machines needs the ability to run the test and this component has that.

Bottom line: 

Thus, the details explained above are some of the lists of components of selenium and hopefully, this post might help you to learn about the components. Use the required component for testing the program.

By John

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