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Selenium is a free automation testing tool for a web application, and it can work with different web browsers like firefox, chrome, internet explorer. Selenium helps you to interact with all the different elements on a webpage programmatically. Selenium is different from other QA automation tools, and it allows you to record and replay for automation testing. If you need to develop your career in the testing field, then you need to undergo selenium training. Many online courses explain to you what selenium is, how it works, and the benefits provided to developers. Here is a list of free online courses to learn selenium. 

Selenium WebDriver training with java basics

In this course, you will learn a java basic that is required to write automated tests using selenium. Selenium WebDriver training with java basics is a short and simple course to get started with selenium automation. Here you will learn the basics of other integrated testing libraries like TestNG, JUnit etc. You will also learn database testing, Selenium 2.0, Selenium Grid and appium installation. 

Selenium with C# and java titbits

This course will teach some selenium concepts in java and C#. Selenium with C# and java Titbits course will help you understand what is going on under the hood of selenium and some other details. This course will learn things like working with different browsers with selenium java web drivers, using explicit and implicit wait, finding and working with controls, etc. 

Cucumber with selenium java

Cucumber with selenium java course is divided into two sections where. In the first part, you will learn the cucumber from scratch and BDD basics (Behavioural Driven Development). The second part focuses on Selenium with cucumber. In this part, you will learn how to write a simple code for selenium with cucumber. You will also learn how to interact with the page object model and run selenium with cucumber. 

Introduction to parallel test execution with Selenium

This course is the advanced level courses on Selenium WebDriver. Introduction to parallel test execution with selenium is designed to take your software testing skills to the next level by gaining how to make your automation test faster and robust. You will learn to run selenium WebDriver in parallel and configure and use the remote WebDriver class. 

Selenium WebDriver implicit and explicit waits

 In this Selenium WebDriver course, you will learn how to use implicit and explicit waits in Selenium WebDriver correctly. It is an advanced level course where you will learn more about the problems that can occur due to improper synchronisation and how to use selenium WebDriver explicit waits.

Wrapping up

There are still more online free courses to learn in Selenium. It provides an API that allows you to automate everything on a web page and allows you to test any website written in any language like Python, Java, PHP, Perl etc. There are many benefits to learning selenium. 

By John

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