Whenever you talk about automation testing, selenium always finds its way into the conversation because selenium is one of the best tools for automation testing. It is loved by many developers and testers around the world. Selenium is the open-source automation testing tool used to automate tests carried out on different web browsers. If you like to build your career in the testing field, you need to learn selenium because it plays a major role in testing. You may think there are plenty of automation testing tools available in the market that give the same result, but why selenium? Check down this article to get your answer.

Language and framework support

The selenium supports all major languages: java, Perl, python, c#, Ruby, Groovy, JavaScript, and more. You can write your script with various programming languages, where selenium converts it into selenium compatible codes in a short time. The selenium has a dedicated framework that helps in writing test scripts for selenium test automation. The developer or testers are using this selenium tool for performing automation testing with their comfortable languages. 

Open source availability

It plays a vital role in helping developers and software engineers to automate the web browser features and functionalities. The greatest strength of selenium is its open-source availability, freeware, and portable tool. It is a publicly accessible framework with no front cost, and the community based support for it is freely available. It can customize the code and enhance the functionality of classes and predefined functions.

Multi-browser support

Selenium supports multiple browsers that include internet explorer, chrome, fire fox, opera, safari, and edge browser. Only one script is enough for all the browsers, as mentioned above. It provides a high resource for executing the process of test and testing them across various browsers simultaneously.

Supports operating system 

Different peoples in different countries use different operating systems based on their use and needs, so your automation tool must support them. Selenium is a portable tool that can operate and support multiple operating systems like Windows, Mac, Linux and UNIX with a selenium suite of solutions. This helps developers and software engineers to easily write and test automation scripts without worrying about the platform.

Ease of implementation

Selenium automation framework is a tool that is easy to operate and provides a user-friendly platform that helps to create and execute test scripts easily and effectively. It has the facility to analyze the report and a huge community to help if you need it.

Bottom line

Don’t worry about where to learn selenium. There are many online courses available on many platforms, and some courses are available with certification. So you can search for the courses on an online platform to get more benefits.

By John

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