why learn selenium

The selenium is a portable framework for testing the web applications and it provides the playback tool for authoring the functional tests without needing to learn the test scripting languages. Some platforms provide the online selenium classes, it helps you to learn the selenium in your comfort place. Especially, the online selenium classes are easily understood for the beginners who are starting to learn selenium recently. It is an open-source tool and used for the testing of automation for web applications. Here are the reasons why you should learn selenium:

Easy and get support for programming

The selenium is popular open-source tools and it is free for cost. If you have completed the selenium testing online course, then lots of companies are hiring you. After you get the completion certificate of the selenium testing course, you do not worry about your future. Because the completed certification enhances your lifestyle and makes you feel proud. The selenium is easy to test the web applications, most tools are available in the market but selenium is easy to use as a programming language. Most programming languages require the tool of diverse software, but the selenium can easily use the selenium tool. 

Framework availability and supports parallel testing

Most frameworks have a similarity with templates, but you may alter it for the minor alteration to code that is according to your needs. In selenium, you do not want to make the minor changes in the structure of an entire coding. If you completed the selenium testing course online, it improves your values in front of co-workers and meeting places. Most people are getting successful after learning the selenium and it enhances your lifestyle without providing more money to learn. 

Some frameworks include hybrid testing, modules that have driven testing and keyword-driven testing. Many tests are involved by using selenium that may be implemented in parallel on the same machine or remote device. The selenium grid can be efficiently used to execute the test cases on the remote machines. You can save the time to run the test and it carries on the test in similar machines or executes the test on web series.

Flexibility and remote control

Most software programmers prefer to keep the testing within the program. By using the selenium, all tests can be regrouped and refactored the requirements. It avoids the duplication of code and it allows the programmer to make changes quickly to the code. The test is managed by using the selenium. In selenium, you have a special feature of remote control. It lets testers to create and test the infrastructure in various locations very easily. 

Multiple programming languages support

Most tools in the market need you to specialize in one particular programming language. The programming languages are such as VBScript, java, C# and it is common scripting languages that are required by various tools. But in the selenium, you will not face restrictions like other programming languages. 

Easy integration with other tools

The selenium is easily integrated with open source tools and it is a tool that is used in Devops or open-source, but these tools have a lot of takers. You can achieve automation when these tools are integrated with selenium. Some tools are Jenkins, TestNG and AutoIT.

No dependency on GUI based systems

The selenium test is executed with Graphical User Interface (GUI), the tests can be carried out on the web servers and automation. It can be easily achieved by scheduling an execution by integrating with other tools. No Graphical User Interface means the performance of your machines and it will dramatically improve.

Final thoughts

You can easily learn selenium because it is easy to learn and integrated with other tools. Learn the selenium and see the miracles that happen in your life. 

By John

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