Advantages of learning selenium with python

In a very busy schedule, it is always better to do something available at a precise time. Think is there anything more beneficial than getting 2 ultra standards together at the same time. Yes, the python and the selenium are two different concepts which are being very effective and high on demand in the industry. Now, you can learn selenium python together to enhance your standard lot more. 

What is selenium?

It is an open-source tool which is involved in the process of automating the cases of tests that are carried out on web applications or web browsers. This testing process can be carried out using any browser. But before getting carried away you need to know that with the selenium only the testing of web applications are possible. Being an open browser it automates the web applications and supports cross browsing. 

What is python? 

It is very easy and very simple to learn and it is one of the most powerful programming languages which are similar to the English language. Python is blessed with a large community, high level, interpreted, free and open-source language. It has many testing frameworks built in it which covers the fastest workflows and debugging. There are lots of tools and modules along with the python which can make things easier like Selenium WebDriver with python, splinter with python, etc. This could support the testing with cross-browser and cross-platform with frameworks like robot framework and PyTest. 

Binding of selenium and python

The foremost step is to write your functional tests using a selenium web driver, then you have to send a request to the selenium server. And the test cases can be carried out on any browsers and you need to import selenium web drivers to implement python with selenium. WebDriver in selenium is an automation testing framework which is web-based and it is able to test the web pages that are initiated on several web browsers and operating systems. To import selenium you need to input some commands to configure dependencies to add functionalities and libraries. 

Why is selenium used with python?

There are lots of reasons and benefits for using selenium with python, some of those benefits are listed here.

  • While making a comparison of another programming it runs rapidly. 
  • It offers you the nature of vibrant typing.
  • Generally, it is easy to read and easy to code. 
  • Typically several numbers of programmers prefer python as their language. 
  • This python language has easy using and very low verbose capacity as it is compared to the other programming languages. This is because of the reason that the python API can help you to get connected with most of the browsers through selenium. 
  • The binding of python and selenium offers you a simple API to create functional tests by making use of selenium webdriver in a proper way. 
  • To various browsers irrespective of all variation in the construction of the browser, the selenium can easily send standard commands of python. 
  • There is no worry about the running of the compiler for converting code from lines of the codes, as python is being a scripted language.
  • Python processes very fast and it also makes use of indentation to initiate and end the blocks. As compared to the other languages, it is very simple and compact. 
  • The community is like a welcome wagon for those who are entirely new to this language, during the automated testing process using selenium python. Python language is developed with a big supportive community system around it.
  • Another major reason for using selenium with python is its various tools present to extend it. One of the most vital tools for the easy user interface is that WebDriver of selenium has strong bindings for python. 

End line

These are the few strong reasons why selenium is mostly used along with the python nowadays. You can enhance your career with a python programming course which can even be available online.

By John

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