Why Do We Use Selenium For Automation Training?

Nowadays, the functionality and user experience of web applications are ensured by proper testing. So it is important to carry out relevant automation testing practices on our web applications before releasing them. Selenium is one of the best browser automation suites for automation testing frameworks used to validate web applications. With the certification in automation testing, Selenium will be more helpful for professional growth. Here are some of the important reasons for using Selenium.

Suitable components of the Selenium:

The Selenium comprises four main components, each offering different automation training and testing features for web browsers.

Selenium web driver:

It is the first cross-platform testing framework that can control the browser from an operating system level. Web driver provides an interface to create and execute test cases in Selenium. So it can be written in a way that identifies web elements on performance action and web pages on them. It will be done by making direct calls to the browsers without the need for intermediate servers. Selenium web driver is a good alternative for Selenium RC.

Selenium IDE:

The Selenium IDE is the most important tool in the Selenium suite for developing test cases for web applications. The main feature of this is record and playback, through which you can record all browser interactions in your test case. Later, you can play it in your browser. It will also support many programming languages like Java, Python, and Ruby. It will be used to write test cases and provide debugging and editing options. It is a simple tool; anyone with no background in automation testing Selenium can quickly learn and start testing.

Selenium grid:

Selenium grid is a driving force where you can simultaneously execute multiple scripts on different machines. It mainly consists of a server that acts as multiple grid nodes and hubs. The hub routes will give a command to the registered node-set. However, maintaining a grid with all required browsers and operating systems is a difficult task. Therefore many online platforms provide online Selenium grid access to run your testing automation scripts to solve this problem.

Selenium RC:

It is the first tool used in the Selenium suite, and it has existed for a long time before the Selenium Web driver. It supports various programming language which includes, Ruby, Java, and PHP.

Advantages of using Selenium automation testing:

Selenium provides many advantages for testers and users. Some of them are;

Supports every programming language:

With Selenium testing, you don’t have to worry about which language needs to use. It supports all the basic languages of many types of testing software, including C, Java, etc.

Easy implementation:

Automation testing cases across different web applications and browsers is not an interesting task. Selenium helps in offering a user-friendly interface to create and execute test scripts easily and effectively. The commands in Selenium are easy to understand and implement. Reporting factor in the Selenium is popular to extract the results and take follow-up actions. 

Wide testing scope:

Selenium offers many testing options like mobile web apps and hybrid. When you come to mobile testing, open-source software will be helpful for automation testing.

The bottom line:

The Selenium has more advanced components for the usage of automation testing. It has a great future in the industry as it is completely free and open-source, and it offers a lot of capabilities.

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